Clinics and Services

HT Practice offers a comprehensive NHS service which minimises your need to attend hospital for investigations.

Our services include:

Diabetes management - we have specialist trained Doctors and Nurses who can initiate insulin and manage complex diabetic problems. Regular monitoring (at least annually) is recommended and a recall system for patients is in operation.

Child Health - we have specialist-trained children’s doctors, Dr Nguyen and Dr Nabi, who look after child health at our surgeries. All our doctors are all qualified to do post natal visits, six week checks and child development assessments.

Family planning - Doctors and Practice Nurses are able to advise on family planning and provide contraceptive care.

Minor surgery - The Practice Doctors perform minor surgical procedures, such as removal of small cysts, skin lesions and the treatment of ingrowing toenails. We send all skin lesions for analysis at the Hospital.

Joint injections - Cortisone joint injection is available to those patients who our clinicians feel may benefit. Typical areas that we inject are knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders and fingers. Please discuss with Dr Nguyen or Dr Nzelu.

Anticoagulation service
A valuable service for those who are on Warfarin. We provide an INR monitoring and Warfarin dosing services. This is available on either a booked appointment or an emergency appointment basis and reduces the need to attend hospital.

Asthma management
Our Practice Nurses are available to monitor peak flow and general condition and can advise on self-management plans and treatment. Regular monitoring (at least annually) is recommended and a recall system for patients is in operation.

Heart disease monitoring and management
The clinicians at HT Practice are actively engaged in health promotion and disease prevention. All patients will be offered routine health checks as part of our Health Promotion programme. Registered patients aged 16 to 74 years who have not seen a GP within a three year period, and patients aged 75 years and over who have not seen a GP in a 12 month period are eligible for a routine health check. Please ring the surgery to make an appointment.

Maternity care
If you are considering pregnancy, it is advisable to see your doctor at least three months in advance for pre-conceptual advice. If you are pregnant, please book an appointment with the Midwives who will discuss choices for antenatal care and delivery, including the possibility of Midwife-led care and home birth. Appointments can be booked at reception.

Travel advice and immunisation
Children - We strongly recommend that you protect your child by immunisation. Only rarely, and in special circumstances, should immunisation be omitted. The Doctors, Nurses and Health Visitors will be pleased to advise you at the suregry.

Adults - Some immunisations like Tetanus and Polio need repeating every few years. Special immunisations may be required for travel abroad. The Practice Nurse will be happy to advise you on the latest travel immunisation recommendations depending on your destination. Please let us know your holiday destination at least one month before your date of travel.

Medical reports for road traffic accidents, insurance medicals and Taxi/HGV medicals The Practice undertakes medical examination's for requirements such as insurance and HGV licences. Please telephone for an appointment giving as much notice as possible. There is a list of charges for these at reception.

Other services available at our Practice: